Basketball - Think smart development programs

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Class duration: 1 Hour

Max 10 students / class

Play to think smart - White belt certificate

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Why join think smart basketball program?

Research on the mental aspects of basketball has revealed that players must develop a great deal of attention to quickly and accurately process what’s happening on the court and make effective decisions with the ball and on defense. During a fast-paced game, you must train yourself to constantly observe your teammates and opponents and evaluate what course of action to take in response to their actions. This can translate to helping you make quick decisions on the job and in other real-life situations.

Basketball has rules to follow, and breaking them can result in penalties not just for you, but for your team. Practicing self-discipline helps one become more competitive yet fair and clean in their game and focused in succeeding.

Spatial awareness is knowing where your body is in space and time. It helps keep you in balance. Free-throw shooting and jump-shooting are particularly helpful for training hand-eye coordination. Rebounding missed shots is another skill that requires a great degree of full-body coordination. The third basic basketball skill, dribbling, requires a finer degree of coordination. When first learning basketball, dribbling trains the hand-eye coordination; once that skilled is mastered, a player will no longer look at the ball while dribbling and the skill will become a pure motor coordination task.

Playing basketball  helps reduce stress and gives players the opportunity to socialise. Children who are social are less likely to have depression, and also tend to have a stronger immune system.

Basketball truly improves anyone’s confidence. Making good shots and being a part of a good team can increase your self-esteem and help gain more confidence. A confident person has more faith in his or her skills and can face life with a better disposition.

Basketball is all about working together to achieve a common goal. Everyone on the team has to learn to work together to get the win. It is not always being the star player, but being able to work in perfect harmony and coordination with your teammates. Learning to work with others is a life-long skill that you can use forever. Basketball also brings people together and creates bonds and friendships. It helps people meet new acquaintances and learn to socialize. Social skills are something we carry in all areas of our life.


  • Sport shoes
  • Water bottle


  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen