Photo and Video Guidelines

Photo and Video Guidelines

Play to think smart is taking photographs or videos

Play to think smart Sports coaches and and staff may use cameras and videos during sessions and classes for technical feedback/assessment, in the case of sport, or for use in promotional publications and on our Website. These images will not be passed onto third parties. If parents do not wish us to use photos that include their child, please advise us by e-mail at .

Parents/Guardians taking photographs or video

We understand that parents will want to take photographs and videos of their child. We also have an obligation to protect children from the inappropriate use of photographic images.

Photo and Video Policy

Parents/guardians wishing to take photos/videos should complete the ‘Acceptable use Agreement’ and seek consent from the coach, teacher or person in charge beforehand.

Parents/guardians who have completed the ‘Acceptable Use Agreement’ may take photos/videos of their child at classes and events as long as the pictures are intended for family or private use.

Parents/guardians taking photos/videos should be considerate of other people and in no way disrupt the flow of the session, lesson or event taking place.

Parents/guardians should stop taking any photos or recording at the request of any staff member.

Parents/guardians must agree to provide copies to us if requested.