Make Your Passion Your Career


Mircea Cojocaru founded Play to Think Smart in 2016 after moving here to be with his family who are from Hong Kong.

With an experience of over 17 years in the field of business and sports coaching, Mircea has worked on 5 continents and coached a variety different cultures, from Tennis in Tunisia to Snowboarding in Japan to business coaching in Europe.

Mircea’s life mission is to sense the hidden potential in people and help them become aware of the numerous possibilities inside oneself. He loves starting dialogues or activities that challenge and stimulate others into having new insights about themselves which they can take and apply to their own personal growth.

Through both his work experiences and also his life experiences in raising a new family of his own, Coach Mircea saw a need, especially in places like Hong Kong for children to develop their cognitive thinking through sports and physical activity.

Play to Think Smart roots are simple. Play is at the core of a Child’s cognitive development the other pillars are Reflection, Creativity, awareness of Character and Injury Prevention which are all instrumental to a child’s wellbeing.

Mircea’s sports background begins at a young age as he is the son of a PE teacher and a ski coach. He played competitive tennis as a child and has competed in snowboarding where he claimed the national champion title multiple times. Mircea has coached snowboarding for 14 seasons and holds an ISIA Level 1 Snowboard examiner / instructor certification.

Before coming to Hong Kong, Coach Mircea worked for High Mark Business SRL from 2009 to 2016, as an Organizational Culture Consultant, where he helped Companies coach their top performers to reach their full potential in both helping to further develop the company’s mission but also helping their future managers cultivate an environment of inclusion and passion.

Coach Mircea Holds an Economics Degree specializing in Tourism & Services as well as a MBA in Business Administration from the University of Transylvania Brasov in Romania.