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What do we do?

We deliver multi-sports programs and INSPIRE every child’s potential to THINK DEEPLY and grow into a well-rounded, CURIOUS YOUNG ADULT.

We ensure that every child is given opportunities to discover their interests and talents while playing the sports they love. We prepare students to be the idea creators of the future, effort driven individuals who learn from mistakes and move ahead with confidence in their choices.

Cognitive Development Program Hong Kong

About Us

Who are we?

We are a community in which students, parents and coaches work together to create a learning environment which is intellectually exciting, sports engaging and creatively stimulating.

Where are we going

How do we develop your child's cognition?

Through intentional reflection we inspire students to construct meaning, ask thoughtful questions and apply what they learn in order to problem solve creatively.

What we do

Where are we going?

Our Vision is to inspire and empower a community of lifelong learners.
Where meaning and change are created with curiosity and consciousness.
Where members are a creative workforce that solves real life problems.

Our Philosophy

What will our students learn

Our students learn how to co-create meaning, collaborate and practice team learning. They learn how their minds work and understand the value of having learning partners as an essential and integral part of their everyday lives.

Some of the science behind our program?

Age Groups and Curriculum

Our challange is to create a program which maximises the benefits of PA and develops cognitive abilities in a structured way

3-5 Yr Old

Young learners are encouraged to learn through engaging sports hand-on experiences designed to challenge their thinking and develop who they are. During this stage we focus on Character Development.

  • Cooperation - Teamwork;
  • Responsibility - Consequences;
  • Discipline - Steps to follow;
  • Active listening - Other people's view.

6-8 Yr Old

At the heart of our though creators curriculum is the learners profile which puts the student at the centre of everything we do and offers them opportunities to:

  • Inquire - develop natural and systematic curiosity, by developing the skills of inquiring;
  • Think - be creative, critical and reflective thinkers who are able to apply their thinking to new situations;
  • Communicate - be effective communicators, conversant and open minded;
  • Take risks - be prepared to experiment and take calculated risks, to explore new ideas both independently and in collaboration with others;
  • Know - become more knowledgeable, and be able to explore new ideas and issues;
  • Care - be caring, with respect empathy for diversity in opinions;
  • Be open minded - valuing the language, culture and beliefs of others;
  • Be balanced - be well balanced individuals, resilient in the face of difficulties;
  • Reflect - be reflective learners, developing an awareness of their own strengths and areas that need improving;
  • Be principled - develop principles that reflect the values of community and respect of individuality.

9-12 Yr Old

Our deep thinkers curriculum incorporates five essential elements - Knowledge, Concepts, Skills, Attitudes and Action. Students are given the opportunity to:

  • Gain knowledge that is relevant to what they try to achieve;
  • Develop an understanding of concepts, which allows them to make connections throughout their learning;
  • Acquire transdisciplinary and disciplinary skills;
  • Develop attitudes that will lead to international - mindedness;
  • Take actions as a consequence of their learning.
  • The programme supports students efforts to construct meaning from the world around them by:
  • Drawing on their prior knowledge;
  • Providing provocation through new experiences or questioning and:
  • Providing opportunities for reflection and consolidation.
  • Our approach respects students' ideas and thoughts and encourages them to question, consider and refine their understanding of the social and natural world.


Gain In-depth understanding of PTTS coaching system, practices, concepts and tools.


  • Develop children's ability to give meaning, reason and make associations in order to produce their own learning;
  • Understand the Coaching model and the parent’s role as a coach;
  • Assess children's performance by their ability to respond and improve their cognitive skills;
  • Close the gaps between current and desired performance levels by confidently providing performance feedback, developing individuals and appropriately following up.



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