Jack Sung

Basketball Coach

Jack Sung

Jack was born and raised in Hong Kong. He is currently attending Chinese University, HK and majoring in Physical Education, Exercise Science and Health.

In his time away from his studies, Jack has also dedicated his time towards his profession gaining experience in the fields of sports coaching and physical education. Jack has helped coached basketball teams at both Primary and Secondary School levels, as well as teaching Physical Education classes in Primary School through internships. Jack has also worked for the HKJC where he coached dodgebee, dodgeball, fundamental movement and other sports techniques to primary school aged children. All these experiences have helped him to gain deeper insights and experiences necessary to excel in his chosen field.

In Secondary School, Jack was proud to be able to represent his school for the basketball team, as well as Track and Field and Cross country, where he was Division 3-A grade Champion. It was here that Jack’s love of sports really grew into his passion.

Jack is proud of being a member of the coaching team of Play to Think Smart. Exercise infused with playing plays an important role in nurturing and shaping the necessary values of children. Inspiring them to understand the world and communicate with others. Enhancing their physical and mental development is certainly an essential contribution from sports.

Coach Jack believes that the concepts of Play to Think Smart are simple and effective. Learning through Sports, exercises, and play is natural for children, and through that, he hopes to help the children build self-confidence, cognitive ability and their cooperative spirits regardless of their talent level.