At Play To Think Smart we aim to offer an education of the highest quality; we strive that each and every student is given the opportunity to achieve their best. All students access this through many different ways including:

  • Quality first teaching
  • Removing barriers to learning
  • Raising students’ self-esteem
  • Building students’ confidence
  • Developing pupil independence
  • Providing access to a relevant tailored curriculum
  • Pastoral support

At Play To Think Smart we believe that inclusion and non-discrimination are central to this process. This means including every student regardless of ethnicity, culture, religion, family background, gender, ability or disability and ensuring that they can achieve their best.

Play To Think Smart defines the special needs as:

  • Communication and interaction – speech and language disorders, autistic spectrum.
  • Cognition and learning – learning difficulties, including dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc.
  • Behaviour, emotional and social development – isolated, disruptive, hyperactive behavior; lack of concentration; immature social skills; challenging behavior.
  • Sensory/physical needs – visual/hearing/multi-sensory impairment; physical disability; medical conditions.

Coaches and parents are integral to this process. A mindful approach to SEN ensures the well-being of all involved in various ways, including information sharing and support where needed.

Partnership with parents:

The SEN commitment to working with parents includes:

  • Listening to their views
  • Working as equal partners in decisions about the child’s education
  • Keeping them informed about their child’s needs and progress.

For further information please contact Mircea at +852 9126 0885 or by e-mail at