Ways to support

Every friend of Play to think smart who decides to offer us time, expertise or resources (financial and non-financial) makes a difference in the life of our community.
Each project within our institution is based on the involvement of parents, community partners, children and staff members of Play to think smart.

There are several ways you can support us:

Choose to donate any amount you desire

And you may decide how the MONEY will be used:

  • Scholarship fund
  • Sports Fund,
  • Kids entrepreneurs fund  etc.

Be the sponsor of one of our most important development programs:

  • Kids entrepreneurs
  • Kids business camps

Implement a great idea

You wish to organize an event or an action that will benefit the students and the education process – these are all welcome. We will discuss, analyze and decide together the implementation of your plan.


The most important resource in any action is the people involvedWe value the involvement of parents, students, staff members, or friends of our school, may it be contributions offered in resources, creativity or their precious time. We are thankful to all of you who choose to get involved and volunteer, and thus helping the development of our community.

For supporting our mission in
developing beautiful minds.

To get involved please e-mail: mircea@playtothinksmart.hk

Who can get involved in our projects?

Anybody who believes in our mission of excellence in education.

What does volunteering mean?

  • Allocating time to attend activities and development programs.
  • Investing time, energy and creativity in finding solutions to the problems your team is involved.
  • Choose to be there! The results and the impact of your action will offer you guaranteed satisfaction.